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Welcome to Develop Bharat: We Develop Products That Serve Humanity. Join us to Empower a Self-Reliant Nation through Digital Innovation.

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Fast and Secure

We host our services with robust and autoscaling infrastructure, making us fast in 99.9% cases. Our approach to minimal dependencies keeps us secure from vulnerabilities.

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National Pride

At Develop Bharat, our love for our nation runs deep. From creating innovative solutions to fostering digital independence, our commitment to our country drives us forward.

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Free Tools

We provide lots of free resources for the benefit of humanity. we accept donations and use a unique advertisment method that does not effect user experince still offering us some money.

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Best Products

At Develop Bharat, we take pride in offering the finest products, including our versatile Basic Tools for everyday use. Our advanced OCR Tool, allows better document understanding.

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Our Tools for Digital Empowerment

Discover our range of powerful applications that foster self-reliance. From Chat/Video Conferences to Basic Utilities, OCR, AI Models, and more, we are building the foundations for a digitally sovereign nation.

basic utilities

Basic Utilities

Experience our Basic Utilites such as Unit Conversion, Image Utilities such as Image Converstion, Image Optimisation and much more.

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document understanding


Unlock efficient document understanding with BharatOCR: Train custom models, enjoy 95% accuracy, and automate workflows effortlessly!

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Core NodeJS Utils

Optimize your Node.js projects with Core Node.js Utils npm library which offers Secure environment file loader, versatile validators, and robust request/response handling!

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Much More

Discover the Much More Collection: A wide array of products tailored to meet your every use case. Your solutions start here!

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One Innovation at a Time

Transforming the Digital Landscape

Develop Bharat is a startup driven by a mission to liberate India digitally and serve humanity. We believe in charting our own path, transcending boundries and fostering a culture of continuous learning and Innovation.


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Our Inspiration

Following the Footsteps of a Visionary

Our logo, adorned with the face of Subash Chandra Bose, symbolizes our commitment to following his path in liberating India and serving humanity. We strieve to embody his passion, resilience and unwavering dedication.